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NL Technologies Introduces the Pharmenta
TM SIPTubeTM Valve
Repeatedly Clean and Sterilize in Place While Inoculating, Feeding or Sampling Deep in the Heart of Your Process

New York, NY, April 15, 2002:  Now there is a solution for stagnation and grow-back problems that are due to an inability to re-clean and re-sterilize throughout a production run.   The Pharmenta SIPTube™ valve is the first inoculating, feeding and sampling device that allows repeat cleaning and sterilizing episodes during a production run and can actually deliver feed or inoculants and capture samples from within the fluid body of the process, all without harming the process.

The Pharmenta SIPTube™ valve addresses the chronic problem of dip tube and feed-line dead space, which can promote stagnation and grow-back in pharmaceutical processes. By moving the process interface seal as close to the process as possible while at the same time eliminating surfaces that cannot be re-cleaned and re-sterilized during production, the Pharmenta SIPTube TM eliminates dead space found between valve seal and the point of delivery in current inoculation and feed device designs.   If multiple SIPTube™ valves are installed in a tank, the units can each be cleaned and sterilized in turn while the other units continue uninterrupted feeding.

The Pharmenta SIPTube™ valve offers a simple, versatile design that provides for improved reliability and fast, easy maintenance.  It can be quickly installed in existing portholes, either on top or on the sides of tanks and process piping.  It is designed for operation in vertical to horizontal orientations.  The SIPTube™ valve can be used in applications for inoculating, for feeding media and for sampling operations.  Because of its CIP/SIP in-operation capabilities, a single SIPTube™ valve can be used to perform all three operations effectively for a single process. This multi-functional nature makes the SIPTube™ valve ideal for smaller, highly instrumented research installations. 

For processes that require steam resterilzation, the Pharmenta SIPTubeTM valve offers optional valve body insulation. This insulation inhibits heat transfer during steam resterilization, which might otherwise adversely affect the process.

The SIPTube™ valve is available with a variety of biocompatible diaphragm materials, connection, and actuator styles. It fits into existing 1.5 inch ferrules and has shaft insertion lengths available up to 16 inches (400 mm.)  It is suitable for pharmaceutical, biotech, food and beverage and fine chemical applications.

The Pharmenta SIPTube™ valve is available immediately from NL Technologies, Ltd. (Phone: 888-765-7838 or 609-750-1251.)  Additional information on the product and the company can be found at

Pharmenta's mission is to improve the safety, quality, efficiency and consistency of pharmaceutical products and processes through innovative equipment design. Pharmenta is a product division of N. L. Technologies, Ltd.  Since 1989, N. L. Technologies has provided regulatory and facility design expertise to pharmaceutical, food and beverage manufacturers around the world. 

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