SampleSafe Sample Collector
 Economically capture and seal samples in sterile isolation
The Pharmenta® SampleSafe™ sample collector is a simple, compact device, designed to fill and seal sample centrifuge tubes in a sterile chamber, isolated from the work environment. The SampleSafe™ provides a cost-effective way to minimize sample contamination risks while making sampling safer for the operator, the process and the environment. 

To operate the SampeSafe™ sample collector, insert a sealed, presterilized sample tube into the SampleSafe chamber, sterilize in-line with your sample valve, twist a knob to open the sample tube, open the sample valve to fill, twist the knob to close the tube and then open the SampleSafe™ extract a filled sealed sample tube. 

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The SampleSafe™ sample collector works with most sampling valves, including the Pharmenta AptiPort® sampling valve, and the Pharmenta SIPTube multipurpose valve. It installs in-line in minutes onto existing process equipment using standard connections.

Pharmenta SampleSafe™ sample collectors are available to work with 15 or 50 ml centrifuge tube sizes. They are suitable for pharmaceutical, biotech, food and beverage and fine chemical applications.




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